Seamus swims the English Channel

On 14 August Seamus from the Senior squad swam the English Channel in a team of four swimmers (all over-50!) from Felixstowe Swimscapes. According to Channel Swimming Association rules there are no wetsuits – not even jammers! – and each swam for 1 hour in rotation. They landed on a sandy beach near Boulogne at 8:42pm, after 14hours of relay swimming. Seamus was the lucky one to swim the last leg in to France (pictured) although cramp meant he had to scull the last few metres! – a challenging and unforgettable experience.

Anyone interested in Channel or other open water swimming can contact Seamus @swimscaper

Check out the Felixstowe Seascapes Facebook page for more details and photos here

Seamus Channel swim 1     Seamus Channel swim 3   Seamus Channel swim 4

Seamus Channel swim 2

(Report by Seamus Bennett)