For all membership enquiries please contact Samantha Issacs on, leave us a message on 01394 647494 or fill in the contact form below.

Membership Fees

Group/Squad fees depend upon the group or squad in which you swim. Fees are reviewed annually and new fees from 1st May 2019 are as follows:-

Squad Monthly fees
Learners/Improvers 1-3 £26.00
Improvers 4 £33.00
Bronze £45.00
Silver/Gold/Platinum £60.00
Seniors £42.00

Group/Squad fees should be paid by standing order by the 3rd of each month.

In addition to squad fees, annual ASA fees are also payable. ASA fees are due by 15th January each year. The fees for 2019 are as follows:

Type 2019 Annual fees
ASA Category 1 £26.00
ASA Category 2 £35.00
ASA Category 3 £22.00
Parent £16.00

ASA Category 1 fees are payable for swimmers of any age who are learning and do not compete in open competitions. Swimmers in Learners and Improvers sections will need to pay Category 1 fees.

ASA Category 2 fees are payable for swimmers of any age who may compete in open competitions. Swimmers in Skills, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and seniors will need to pay Category 2 fees.

ASA Category 3 fees are payable for any members who do not require Category 1 or 2 registration. It includes committee members of the club and others who help out with coaching and similar.

Parent fees are payable by one parent of each swimmer aged 18 or under.

In the event that a swimmer wishes to leave the club, one month’s notice is required.

In the event of hardship in meeting the fees listed please contact Jane Leighton on  or fill in the contact form.

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