Swimming Update – National Lockdown

Sadly due to the National Lockdown restrictions that we are in presently, the Leisure Centre will be closed for now and therefore we are unable to swim.  The plan is to reopen as soon as possible once the restrictions have been lifted, however at this point in time we don’t know when that might be.

Once again, we’ve all worked hard to get back to fitness and the coaching team have seen fantastic commitment and progress since we got back in the pool.  Since our return after lockdown 2 in November, we have planned our training schedule up to Easter and welcomed Kieran Whyte to our coaching team as some of you may have seen. We are still looking to run the Level X league competition in line with other Suffolk clubs, the times gained in this league are able to be used for qualifying times later in the year once competitions open up.

Before Christmas, we had many new swimmers come along for trials and will be welcoming them to the club in 2021 as the pool opens up again.

During last lockdown we ran a series of land training sessions, however, since then, Swim England have issued guidance to state that unless we’re qualified specifically to deliver dry land exercise then we should not be doing this.  What we will be doing this time around instead is to issue a series of recommended exercises to follow (videos/guidance) in your own time.

Regarding fees, as before, we would like to ask the following:

If you are able and happy to pay your full fees, this is very much appreciated and will go a long way to support the future of the club.

Alternatively we ask that you pay a minimum of £10 per month during this lockdown period. The £10 is in line with recommendations made by the county during the lockdown earlier in the year and will allow us to keep on top of our running costs.

If you you have any questions regarding fees, let us know.