Summer League Round 2

Felixstowe hosted the second round of the Summer League on Saturday 11th June 2016. Five teams competed at Felixstowe with those from Hadleigh, Newmarket A, Stowmarket and Beccles joining us on the night. The format was similar to the first round except that the top four age groups swapped round so if they swam 50m races in the first round, they switched to 100m this time and vica versa.

The the team performed well with jokers played on Beth and Brendon. The event culminated in the relay events which were very exciting. Overall our girls were placed second and the boys were placed fourth. Felixstowe canes fourth overall

Well done to all the swimmers who took part and to the parents and supporters who cheered them on. A big thank you also to everyone who helped organise and run the night.