Ipswich Surprize Open – July 2017

We took 38 swimmers to Ipswich for the July Surprize gala on Sunday 9th July 2017. The gala is usually a popular one because in addition to medals for the first, second and third child in each event and age group, there is a random prize allocated to one swimmer in each heat. Our swimmers were lucky and many took home one of these additional prizes. The prizes ranged from sweets to money or small swimming gifts. 

This is the last open gala of our season and the swimmers were all keen to end on a high, ready for the summer break and many of them certainly achieved that. 11 medals were won in in total (Megan 1x Gold, Charlie P 1x Gold and 1 x Bronze, Beth 2x Gold, 1 x Silver and 3x Bronze, Mia Y 2x Bronze), and several county qualifying times were achieved together with a PB rate of around 50% based on gala entry time. Many who missed their county qualifying times on the day have edged that little bit closer and will have lots more opportunities to secure them before the end of the year.

Thanks to Louise for managing the team and to David for coaching

Please see the gala page for full results from the meeting