Felixstowe Fun Run – May Day 2017

Early on Bank Holiday Monday morning Dad took my Sister and I to the Spa Pavilion to register for the Fun Run. Lovely weather? Not at all – it was cold, windy and threatening rain. Having registered (with Kelly’s help) we then had over an hour to kill before the run. We went to the Spa lounge for some extra breakfast – hot chocolate and bacon roll. Now with hindsight this is perhaps not the best preparation (when you run the hot chocolate tends to slosh around inside like water in a welly boot). More Felixstowe Waves runners started to find their way to the Spa lounge, to keep warm and it was soon packed.

A group photo outside before the race started then we all (there were about 25 of us) made our way to the start line to await the countdown. At 11 we were off – and started our hour of torture!

If you’ve never been before, the course is about a mile long, starting with a gentle run from the Spa to a right turn up Bent Hill (which burns any energy you had left) another right turn takes you along the top of the ‘cliff’ which you follow behind Harvest House before heading downhill back to Susie’s cafe on the Prom then back to the Spa – now repeat again and again and again.

Not everyone in the event was planning to run all out – many of the competitors were in fancy dress (this provided some amusement while running) – Princess Leia, Spiderman, storm-troopers and even a number of Sumo wrestlers. Others had spells of walking or even stopped to stroke dogs.

Despite the threatening skies and a forecast that predicted rain it actually stayed fairly dry throughout the race.

My lack of preparation started to show mid-way through the race – going up Bent Hill became almost impossible seeming a little bit steeper each lap. Of course the blisters I got on the bottom of my feet didn’t help. Eventually the hour was finished. Would I do it again? …. hmmm, well I can still hardly walk. Maybe you should ask me again in a few months.

(Report by Ryan Eagles)

Many of our runners put in very impressive performances. Jess Keeble flew away at the start and was the first Felixstowe Waves runner around the first lap. Unfortunately she had a fall which slowed her down a little and Beth Young caught her up and ran with her for most of the hour. Bethany Eagles was the third placed of our girls. For the boys, Ryan had the early lead but was later caught by Brendan and Tim and on the last lap Brendan drew ahead leaving Ryan second and Tim third.

Thanks to Caitlyn’s mum Kelly who organised the event on our behalf. The entry monies paid go to the Rotary Club who organise the event and sponsorship collected stays with the club. You all worked hard on the day so please now collect all of your sponsorship monies and pass them to Kelly. Once collected we shall let you know how much we raise. The club hope to use this money to purchase much needed stopwatches.

Runners:- Eloise and Charlotte Albins, Brendan and Bruce Bennett, Phoebe and Kaye Branton, Fin Cook, Tim and Phil Davies, Ryan and Bethany Eagles, Emily Gray, Jess and Jack Keeble, Lauren Mazur, Connor and Jamie Oakley, Ines and Madalena Pinho-Woods, Frankie and Natalie Tyler, Caitlyn White, Mia Wright and Beth Young. Sam Davies and Calum Sargent were also due to run but poorly on the day. Sam still managed to come along and support the team. Well done to you all.