Winter League Round 2 report

We took a team of swimmers to Stowmarket for the second round of the Winter League on 26th November 2016. Whilst there, we competed against teams from West Suffolk, Leiston and Stowmarket Swimming Clubs. The gala included 100m and 200m events with the 11/Under and 15/Under age groups swimming the shorter distances with the 13/Under and Open age groups swimming the longer events. Winners on the night included Isaac, Beth, Frankie, Mia Y, Paige, Stuart and Faye but without exception everyone swam well. Jokers were played on Beth, who came first, and Thomas, who came second, to double up their respective points.

Mid way through the event the two highest age groups competed in Medley relays and to conclude the event, the younger two age groups did likewise.  The very last race was the 13/Under Relay which was very exciting and Mia brought the team home in second place, just fractions of a second ahead of Leiston.

Overall the team came equal second on the night with the home club. The results from the night can be found on the Gala page.


The Winter League takes place at two venues and afterwards the swim times are compared and made into a virtual league. We are currently placed in fourth position in that virtual league. Both Beth and Faye placed first in two events in that virtual league so a special well done to them. Again look at the virtual league results on the Gala page.

The team all supported each other well and will justifiably go into the final in January full of confidence.

Thanks to David for coaching and Louise for managing the team.