Mia Yates selected to swim for Suffolk

I was selected to compete at the ASA East Region Inter-county competition on Sunday 2nd July at Luton Sports Village. There was some fierce competition which made the day all the more exiting. The age groups on the day were 11/12, 13/14 (which I was in), 15/16 and 17+. Also for those of you who don’t know, Luton is a 50m Pool.



When we arrived at Luton there was already quite a few people there. The six teams from the region consisted of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.



After warm up, the racing commenced. I was in four events, all of which were relays. My first one was the Girls 200m IM Relay. I was in the freestyle leg and we managed to secure 3rd place.



Next up for me was the Mixed 200m Free relay, I did the 3rd leg and we smashed an impressive 1st place. My third race was the Mixed 200m IM relay, I was doing the freestyle leg and we came 4th. And finally I had the Girls 200m Free relay (me doing the 3rd leg) and we gained a 2nd place.



Suffolk came 2nd overall and once again it was a fun day.

(Report by Mia Yates)