Fantastic results in the Winter League Final – 14th January 2017

On Saturday 14th January we took a team to Crown Pools in Ipswich for the final of this year’s Winter League. Going into the final we were placed fourth and keen to consolidate or improve our position.

All the teams in the final raced at Ipswich. The first six teams were in an ‘A’ Final heat and the others in a ‘B’ Final heat. The atmosphere was electric and there were lots of parents and friends cheering on from the sides. Everyone in the team cheered each other on from the end of the pool. All the races were over 50m except the first two medley races for the open age category so the event moved quickly. Half way through there were relay races. The Junior relays were Freestyle and both were exciting with the Junior girls just hanging onto second place and the Junior boys doing likewise and getting third place. The Seniors then did Medley relays and the girls and boys came 5th and 6th respectively.

The second half of the meeting started well with Beth winning the 11 and under 50m Breaststroke whilst playing a joker and doubling up the points she won. A short while later the boys joker was played and Thomas came second in the open 50m Backstroke to also double up his points. After all the individual races we got to the relay races again. The Junior teams did a Medley relay whilst the Senior teams did their Freestyle relays. We came second, sixth, fifth and third respectively in these races. The whole event culminated in the cannon relay with one boy and one girl from each age group. Felixstowe came third in this.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and want to thank Louise for team managing and David for coaching. The full results from the night and the final league positions are on the gala page. Felixstowe placed fourth overall which is our best ever position in summer or winter leagues. The photos show Faye and Stuart, as club captains, with the fourth placed trophy and some of the team members who contributed to the success.

winter-league-2017-trophy-photo winter-league-2017-team-photo